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Hawaii Bikini Fit 8 Week program
Look your best in 8 weeks!  This program is unlike any other in that it is an online program CUSTOMIZED for each individual’s fitness level, knowledge base and needs.  It is not a fad diet.  It encourages a lifestyle change that starts with detoxing the body FROM THE inside and out.  Not only will you benefit from the obvious physical changes, but you will gain  LIFE SKILLS AND knowledge of how to maintain this new healthy fit lifestyle.  Upon completion, you will have the option to continue month to month should you feel that you need more time to get accustomed to your new lifestyle, or if you want to continue progressing to the next level with continued nutritional/training guidance and support.

-  2 week  Detox Meal Plan - This phase will CREATE HEALTHY HABITS AND A  “clean the slate” so that we can improve your metabolism no matter what level IT IS at.  iT WILL BEGIN TO REPAIR METABOLIC DAMAGE FROM PAST DIETING AND CORRECT A SLUGGISH METABOLISM.  It will prepare your body to FOR THE fat burning phase of thIS AMAZING PROGRAM.
-  Fat burning Meal Plan - Now that your body has been detoxed AND YOUR METABOLISM FIRED UP, this next phase will help improve your body’s ability to tap into fat stores while supporting AN INCREASE IN LEAN MUSCLE to tighten your problem areas.
-  Maintenance Meal Plan - After all, this is a lifestyle change and not just a diet.  This ensures that you are able to continue this healthier lifestyle on your own.
-  Customized training program.  This is where my program different from most.  While others will give you a “cookie cutter” program, mine is completely customized to meet your goals and to target your areas of concern whether you are a beginner with zero workout experience or an avid athlete needing fine tuning.
-  BI monthly monitoring - to help keep you accountable and on track.  

Hawaii Bikini Fit 8 week program $598